v5576 has been released!


Version 5576 of Swift has been released to all customers. Here is a quick rundown of pertinent changes


Customers Admin

There is now as setting in the CUSTOMER admin that allow the holding company name to be toggled on and off on the invoices.
Why: This allows holding companies that are used for customer grouping e.g : “walk in customers “ or “Spaza Shops” to not be displayed on the invoice

The TAX_RATE field has been hidden on the companies admin for CUSTOMERS. Only wholesalers can have a tax rate.
Why: This was an accident on our part, The TAX RATE is always determined by the wholesaler

Users Admin

PIN is now a compulsory field in USER ADD and UPDATE. The PIN must always be a 5 digit number.
Why: When logging in the PIN has to be 5 characters but in the ADMIN it could be any length. This created a problem if the user was created with a PIN less than 5 characters

There is a new setting for AGENTS: DEFAULT AGENT. If this is ticked, the agent will automatically be added to all PO
Why: If you are using AGENTS and AGENT COMMISSION this allows all PO to be assigned to an agent

Garment Costing Templates

This has been re-written to make it easier to use.

Trims Admin

Trims admin has been re-written to make it easier to use.
Default Trims
Trims can be automatically be created on Styles if they are set up in the Trims admin for that garment type .
Why:If you want certain garments to always have the same trims, this can be easily set up.
E.G all jeans can have button and zip
E.G all bras can have strap and charm

General Lookups

This admin module has been rewritten to make it easier to use.

Vessels Admin

This admin module has been rewritten to make it easier to use.



The costing User Interface (UI) has had some small tweaks to make it easier to use.

bar codes

A colorway search bar has been added to this tab to make it easier to use.
Why: On styles with lots of colourways the bar code tab is hard to use

Fabrics Tab

The fabrics tab on the style has been rewritten to make it easier to use. You can now assign fabrics to specific colourways.
Why: This allows certain fabrics to apply to all colourways and other fabrics to apply to specific colourways.
This is mostly used by footwear where one of the fabrics is the “UPPER” and can be different for each colourway.


Indent units

The calculation of total units has been made faster and easier. If you change the size points you don’t have to click save before altering total units.
Why: This saves time and lets the units and prices be updated in one go

Lab Dye Cover Sheet Print

There was an error trying to print the lab dye approval form. This has been fixed.
Why: This was a bug.

Supplier Reference

If you are using the supplier reference feature, you can search for indents using either the indent name or supplier reference.
Why: This makes it easier to find indents if all you have is the supplier reference

Indent GRN

Creating a GRN from the indent will default quantities to indent values.
Why: This saves a lot of time as most of the time the GRN units are the same as the ordered units

Indent Component Order (CMT)

Creating a linked component order indent will default indent quantities to the requires rating from the production.
Why: This saves a lot of time as most of the time you will order the required units

Indent Printout

The default indent print template has been amended to handle fabrics per colourway.
Why: If you assign fabrics to colourways you need to see the specific fabrics on each colourway line


Pastel invoices

Invoices going into Pastel can be written in either as a posted invoice or as a sales order.
Why: This gives accountants the option to amend the sales order in Pastel before posting to an invoice


Commission Tab

The way a PO is assigned an agent and commission has been made easier to use.
Why: Swift used to insist on 2 agents per PO. There is now an option to assign only one


Homepage Reports

The PO Unit Discrepancy report now shows discrepancies in the size points as well as the totals.
Why: If you create an indent with zeroes in each size point but with correct total units these will now be flagged. Some users create indents like this just to book space and this will remind them to go back and fill in the correct units.

Supplier Payment Reports

Added style name to column to the colourway lines on supplier payments report.
Why: This makes it easier to find the indent if you only know the style


Packing Lists

The search grid STATUS column has been fixed to show the correct status.
Why:This was a bug

Non Barcoded records will show not show on the packing_container printout.
This only applies to BARCODED logistics  and this was a bug

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