2021 and v6491


Wow. We are bad at keeping our social media up to date :). Ah well. Blame it on the ‘Rhona.

The last post (Feb 2020) announced the release of v6225.

Since then, there have been these releases:

  • v6304 (20 Mar 2020: 11 modifications)
  • v6308 (27 Mar 2020: 8 modifications)
  • v6342 (27 Apr 2020: 9 modifications)
  • v6425 (04 Aug 2020: 14 modifications)
  • v6471 (13 Sep 2020: 13 modifications)

v6491 was released today (12 Jan 2021).

Changes by module (alphabetically)


Supplier Invoices: We have improved the way these are re-queued when posting to Pastel


Port Lead Time: The country selector now sorts alphabetically


MST: The lead time in the indent header has been changed to make it more accurate


Invoicing: All PO lines were being blocked if there was a single invoice. You can now invoice any lines on a PO if they are not on any invoices


Customer Delivery Report: This report can now export to CSV on LUCEE servers
Customer Delivery Report: LUCEE servers now export the date in an easier to read format on this report
Delivery Master Report: The default date setting has been changed to make this report easier to use.
PO Homepage Report: Cancelled PO no longer show on discrepancy reports
Pre-Booking Report: There has been a small change to the date logic in this report to make it more accurate
Production Overview Report: Bug fix on the export of this report to CSV
Stock Movement Report: A date bug in this report has been fixed


Inventory Items: Fixed a bug with the shipping inventory items tab (for Pastel users)


Colourways: We have improved the form validation for colourway names (to stop characters being added that can break the system)


Packing List: We have added PO Number to the packing list search screen

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