Swift comprises these basic modules
style-blue-100 Style Master

The starting point is the style master. This stores all the information about the garment or product.

Style Master features:

  • create multiple size curves (e.g. normal and outsize)
  • set up brand royalties
  • do costings in multiple currencies
  • attach multiple images / CADS as well as other files (tech packs etc)
  • brief the style to multiple suppliers

indent-blue-100 Indent

In Swift, orders from you to your suppliers are called indents. This is your purchase order to the supplier.

Indent features:

  • sample approvals and timeline
  • ports, handover and delivery dates
  • order multiple styles on one indent to consolidate shipping
  • supports rise-by-size (e.g. duvets having a separate price per size point)


po-blue-100 Purchase Orders

These are orders from your customers to you. The basic information (prices and units) are captured into Swift.

PO features

  • easily compare units ordered (indents) with confirmed sales (customer po)
  • manage prepacks
  • record AsiaInspection data
  • manage swing ticket printing

modules_cmt-blue-100 CMT (Local Production)

CMT (local production) is not a module of itself. It is expanded functionality for styles and indents.

CMT features

  • Create style costings off a predetermined template
  • Control conversion of costing into cut sheet
  • Full materials (fabrics / trims) stock control and ordering
  • Easy production management and tracking

shipping-blue-100 Shipping

The shipping module lets you record a summary of the packing slip sent to you by the supplier.

Shipping features

  • Automatic container variance report (alerting you to over- or under-shipment)
  • Easily convertable to pro-forma GRN to help warehouse staff reconcile delivery
  • Auto-GRN feature for overseas deliveries

warehouse-blue-100 Warehousing

The warhousing module handles GRN, stock control and stock adjustments

Warehouse features

  • create multiple warehouses to subdivide stock
  • handle bulk returns by excel update
  • seven pre-loaded stock adjustment types

accounting-blue-100 Invoicing

Swift is not a dedicated accounts package but does include both customer and supplier invoice modules. Customer invoices are your invoices out to customers, and supplier invoices are records of supplier payments.

Invoicing features

  • easily create invoices from packing slips or customer purchase orders
  • specialised workflow and  print templates available for FOB invoicing
  • raise unit and price credits easily from the invoice
  • disburse a single supplier payment across multiple orders automatically
  • integrates with pastel evolution at multiple levels

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