2020 is here (and so is v6225)

Wow… we have been super slack at keeping our site updated with all the improvements we have made to SWIFT recently.
Here is what is in the most recent update
Customer Orders with No Customer Invoices
This report, which shows you customer orders that you have not yet invoiced, has had some features added to it to make it more useful
Pastel Invoices
If you use Pastel Evolution, you can edit the information that gets written into the pastel message fields in the invoice header before you post the invoice to Pastel
Invoice Date
This date now has to be manually filled in by the user. It will never default
Supplier Orders with no supplier invoices
We’ve expanded this report to make it easier to use.
Port Leadtimes
This has been moved to it’s own menu item
Ports Charges
The leadtime has been moved to its own admin and has been dropped from ports charges
There is now a centralized system for adding disclaimers to wholesalers. These can be added to your indents on a case by case basis
The way fabrics are displayed on the indent have been standardized to make them neater and easier to read (especially multi-fibre fabrics)
Style Brief Printout
The style templates now display the category after the department e.g Ladieswear ( Girls ) instead of just Ladieswear
Production Report
This key report has been upgraded to run faster especially when requesting large amounts of data.
Pre-Booking Report
This report has been given more features to make it easier to communicate with freight forwarders
Supplier Logins
This is a new report that allows a SYSADMIN user to review all supplier logins
Itemized Stock Report
There is a new option on this report to export to CSV ( used for very large recordsets )
User Rights Breakdown Report
This report shows the distribution of user rights as a quick overview
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