Farewell to 2018 and hello v5258


SWIFT UPDATE v5258 has been released. This is the final release of 2018 This update includes these new features – a new optional supplier payments […]

Three new releases!


We’ve been storming ahead in the run-up to the end of the year. The development schedule list is looking a LOT shorter. However we dropped […]

Candidate release 4989

Release 4989 has some nice quality of life enhancements across the board: There is a new field called WHOLESALER COMMENTS in the invoice header. Default […]

Version 4935 is live!


r4935 has been released. This is the production version of release candidate 4924. It has 22 fixes and upgrades: – improved UX and searching in […]

Candidate release: r4924

r4924 is our new candidate release. It has thirteen new features and three bug fixes. The new features are mostly in the reports module, but […]

Version 4901 has been released

r4901 is the production version of candidate release 4894. It includes six new features: A big change to the Milestone Tracking module. Individual samples can […]

Candidate release: r4894

Revision 4894 is our new candidate release and is in QA testing now. It is expected to be released this weekend. Apart from several performance […]

r4873 is released


Revision 4873 has just been released   This includes 16 new features, the main one being a brand new inter-warehouse transfer module.   This has […]

v4754 ready for release!

Version 4754 will be rolled out to all customers over the weekend. This includes 17 new features and updates in invoicing, indents, reports, logistics and […]

Swift API alpha

We have started testing our new API. This allows Swift to be connected to any web platform via a RESTful service so that transactions on […]